Bucked off a horse


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I was at a horse show this past Saturday. While I was there, this girl who was getting ready to compete in a reining event got bucked off her horse.

She had the horse in position and ready to go. She tried to make him go, he took three steps, bucked and she came crashing down with an audible "thud", much to the shock of the audience. She was okay, but I think she wasn't allowed to have a re-ride.

Did they leave the horse alone and put him up? No. Her coach (I'm in the IHSA... we compete on teams with whatever college we go to, and we have coaches) decided she was going to try to ride this already pissed-off horse, and got bucked off even harder, with an even louder thud. I'm surprised nobody was hurt badly.


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im glad i live in the middle of misery. for some reason i never see horses.

i'd imagine that it hurt worse than 8 bitches on a bitch boat.


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I wish I could be bucked off of a horse, that would fucking rock. I mean yeah it would hurt at first, but how many people do you know that can go around saying they got bucked off of a horse?

I guess that just depends on where you're from though.