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Hello fellow wtf'ers.

I wrote some shit on Valentine's day, expressing some of my hurt and anger towards the world. I was a little more open about my bullshit life than normal, but maybe it was the vent I've needed.

This is in life sucks, because, hey, right now, my life does suck.

But I'm ready to fucking get over all the bullshit, and grow up a bit more.

A "coming of age" if you will.

I've been chit chatting with a few people, one specific female, who (so far) has shown no signs of being, anything, like most of the sluts I've been with, or got slightly interested in. That's a perk to my little lonelyness problem. (Havok, lonely...? Nah!) Yes, it's true though.

I'm doing some work, taking care of some kids to get money, plus if you understand the importance of kids, they can light up your life a bit. That's a perk to my broke ass, homelessness bullshit. I'm a "live-in nanny". Lmfao. Seriously.

I will start school once again soon. The process has already begun, things have been approved, and soon I will be a college man. I never thought that would happen.

Lastly, for a perk..........I got a bike....?
No really, just a bicycle. I ride alot when it's late, like it is now, and just clear my head. It helps me sort things out in my mind. A bit of a release. Apparently, the guitar, art, writing, etc, just aren't enough.

Alot of other shit sucks, but I've sucked it up a bit. Again. The path my life is heading seems to be the most positive I've been on ever. Ever, ever.

Fuck everything else though. :p


You're my number two
The important part is, to took your destiny in your own hands. You know what the problems are, and you're dealing with them. Cheers to you my friend. :thumbsup:

I just hope in school you don't geht a Gay Ass Art Teacher


Ñúñ'§ þêG £ègGéÐ /\/\å±ëý
do you want some sprinkles with your plate of bullshit?


Congratulations on deciding to go back to school, what are you majoring in? Good luck with the girl too. (if that's what you meant.)
junglizm said:
Congratulations on deciding to go back to school, what are you majoring in? Good luck with the girl too. (if that's what you meant.)

I haven't even begun to think about my major, I've going to have alot of prereqs though, because I didn't finish High School....kinda weird...?

I'm leaning towards a few things though. They opened up a badass new radio station for the local college here, so I could go and be a Dj. I've heard the courses are great....or photography....they even have astrology courses....

And yes, good things happening with the women as of lately. Perhaps I just inherited money?
It's a hard, hard decision. There's alot I want to do. Agh, I dunno. Lol.