WTF ... IS WTF!?
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Original Dicksman
Yeah Bumfights is just wrong. It pissed me off the way these little frat boys are disrespected veterans like that. (Oh yeah, and homeless people, too.) These clowns (the makers of Bumfights) display a severe lack of humanity. If justice exists in this world, they'll find themselves as whino's on Borbon Street in couple of decades.
Oh yeah, I put the "Princess" link there so that peeps disappointed in the Bumfights thread could have something revolting, with more immediate gratification, to laugh about.


Call it, Friendo.
i saw like 2 minutes of bumfights, and it was most likely the dmbest thing i've ever seen. it beat CKY. it beat worlds wildest street fights... its just plain fucking stupid, and not entertaining