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Bunkerfest: Paintball

Yay!!!!!! I just got back from Bunkerfest guys and gals. Its the biggest paintball tornament in texas and is located in San Antonio. There are many divisions to play in such as pro, amatuer, novice, and rookie. There are also three different playing styles to play in. My team and I played a 3 man rookie, and a 5 man rookie. I was in the 3 man rookie and in that division we took 10th place out of 49 teams. In the 5 man rookie we took 26th place out of 66 teams. Not only that, but since we did so good for a rookie team we have been offered several sponsorships from some of the biggest paintball companies such as WDP (makers of angel), NXe (makers of hi-tech jersey/pants and such), and National paintball supplies (they sell everything). The only bad part about the entire thing was the fact that it was at least 115 degrees at a minimum of 80% humidity. So what do you think of that?

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Wizard No More
there is a huge paintball thing in pennsylvania this weekend. it's sort of close to where i live called D-Day. Essentially you choose one side Axis or Allied and for friday, saturday, and sunday (people sleep in tnets, or you can go home for hte night) there is a massive battle in a huge forested area with fields. unlike paintball you can "respawn" every so often.
RageAgainst said:
26th in the rookie division and they offer you a sponsorship? How much, a cookie each?

That's elite.
nice rage. bully

way to go! sounds like you had a blast, well good luck on the sponsership thing. :thumbsup:
well, even though we came in 26th, you have to understand that it is 5 players on the field. and there are 60 some odd teams which means we beat 66% at least. Not only that, we were wearing angel jerseys, shooting angels, and rolling the teams that we did beat. (rolling means not losing a single player and beating the opponent in under 1 minute or relatively close) Not only that, but this tornament had Sandbaggers or in other words, teams that were supposed to play in the Novice division that played in the Rookie division in order to win prizes easier. so suck these bitch. besides we would roll your ass.
LiberatioN said:
I live in SA. Why wasnt I informed? :confused:

anyway, congrats on your sponsorship. thats pretty cool. :thumbsup:

my bad, i should have said, it was 17 miles away at a place called animal paintball. but pretty much in san antonio. if you go to you can see alot about the tornament.


Fuck, I love paintball. I wouldn't mind gehtting something going down here fulltime. Problem is, these hilljacks keep wanting to use real guns. Not good.
im working on a fulltime thing. our team coach has a field and when it gets bigger and stuff our sponsorship grows. And when our sponsorship grows we get money. One team, team dynasty, has players who get up to 500,000 a year. that includes all of their expences so they don't have to buy gas for their cars, pay rent, buy food, pay for paint, buy new equipment, nothing for hotels, nothing and they have that 500,000 to do whatever with. Pretty much they can burn the money. So what they do is buy a paintball field and put it in their backyard. it is called SC village. and so the story goes.


Gimmie Pwnies
YOU got sponsored by national paintball supply?!? Damn, all I got is their sticker on my tank. Good job at the tourney, too. I just got back from a 1-on-1 tourney (novice) and got 5th out of 20. Won a half case of paint. Wee!


sugar daddies welcome
I love paintball!!! Haven't been in any big tourneys but my whole family plays when we get the time and money. But it's been a while and we are in need of some serious upgrades. Congrats on the sponsorship.
well, the reason why (i think) that we got the sponsorship with national paintbal supply is because not only do they have a really big factory type business thing going on in Luboock but we also have a whole sale account with them and are friends with a lot of people who work there so they know that we will help boost the profits.

But then again, our NXe sponsorship is for us to try to destory a lot of business in Lubbock as far as national paintall supplies selling pod packs and gloves and jerseys and pants. but we will find a medium for all that mess.