Burning the Midnight Oil....or 2:00am Oil...?


The Iron Lung
I decided to be a cool guy and procrastinate on my midterm essay for Humanistic Traditions....its supposed to be a discussion on how the socio-historical forces influence certain culture's conception of beauty. I'm basically done but it seems that i've come down with some heinous writers block. Its cool talk like you're going to soldier up and "Stay up as long as it takes" but when its coming down to it....you'll break...without the use of chemicals...we all break. I cant stop yawning and I keep glancing back at the bed and everytime it gets bigger and more comforting. and I still have to study for my Portuguese midterm at noon...the moral....dont spend your time smoking weed and playing videogames or you run the risk of losing your scholarship and having the knowledge of what its like to have your 5'4 mom beat your 6'5 ass.


Slayer of Tea-Sharks
you might try and bullshit something about betty page or marilyn monroe, discussing the trends in fasion and clothing or lack thereof. personally, I think that betty page was the first true sex symbol.