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burnt fingers

Ok, so I'm going down the road back to my house after purchasing my new JVC Arsenal stereo for my car. Not the best one out there, I just need something that makes noise. Anywho, I'm going down the road at about 50 on a 45 mph road when I notice theres light in my car. After driving for 20 minutes i just realized this?
There was a light on my rear view mirror that had been on for some time now, and I realized it was making it hard to look through my windshield. Up my right hand goes, left hand still on the steering wheel. As soon as I touch this band around the light(u twist it to turn it off) my skin sizzles and I start screaming, it hurts like fucking hell. I start to swerve down this already curvy mountain road, hand firmly gripping the light becuase I'm swerving and had to cling on to something.
So I got home, and now I have a 2nd degree blister on my finger. It's not that big right now, but its really deep under the skin. Wonderful story I'd say.:thumbsup:


I've done that. not recently, mind you, but in ages past when lighters were first being put into those automobile contraptions (never thought they'd be popular, but what do i know?). They get REALLY friggin hot.

Quick question, is the burn at least on your middle finger so you can flip people off and claim you just wanted to show them your burn?


so you successfully scored 2nd degree burns from a 15 watt light globe? congratulations, i can just imagine the kinda trouble you'd get into with an easybake oven...


Lol that happened to me once when I was younger and stuck a pen in a light socket. I knew exactly what was gonna happen, I just wanted to experience it. I got a shock, my hand flew, the pen was flung across the room and I had a HUGE blister on my middle finger, the length of the first knuckle from the top of my finger, to the second.
Ouch! That sucks.

I burnt my fingers on an oven rack once. I was baking some cookies, and absentmindedly pulled the rack out with my bare hand. I got burned right at the inside of my knuckles where the fingers bend. Talk about shitty.


Not really a burn and I'm not getting into detail but I was holding up something significantly heavy off of the roof of a 5 story building (don't ask) with a cable wire. The "object" was too heavy and ends up slipping out of my hands, I'm trying to hold on with as much gusto as I had, the wire digging into my skin. Eventually the cord snaps & the "object" falls. My fingers for the next two weeks felt like leather. It was very painful.
I got burnt bad one time too!

I was outside wih my friends, and this fly kept on bothering me. It landed on the bbq. I went to smack the fly not know the bbq was on, and i burnt the whole bottom of my hand, from the fingertips to the bottom of my palm. It took forever to heal, and sucked royally! What's worse was the fly got away - little bastard!

*sobs* painfull memories!
i can smell you from here. hehehe jking. hope your ok, sounded painful, i cringed. i've never done somethin like that though, so i can't relate.
i giggled over the easybake comment! funny you sarcastic bastard.