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i don't know how many of you are in college, but if you live off campus you have to take a bus there, since there are hardly any parking spots and if you do drive they charge you an outrageous fee. what i hate is when you have to wait 30 minutes just to get the bus, and then it takes 30 minutes to get home once you are on it. who designed this system? :mad:


Banned - What an Asshat!
I think bus drivers just don't give a shit.. A school bus driver at my school used to be a cop and he pulled over bush jr. and arrested him for DUI in maine years ago :)


Martha Fuckin' Stewart
The colleges, so as to deter you from riding a bus, and paying for a parking permit. Interestingly enough, I noticed when I was filling out the paper work from my college's parking pass, it stated at the bottom, "Having a parking permit does not garuntee(sp?) a parking space". I was thinking, Blasted college taking my money for no garuntee(sp?) spot. Fuck off college. :mfinger:
AH, motherland!

but parking passes are like 145 dollars here , and i refuse to shell out for it


100% Peruvian Pussy*
the system was designed by a fking weirdo that like to walk, now we all have to pay the consequences


I really did.
At my college if we show our IDs we get on the bus for free. But if you want to go anywhere it takes forever.. OH and plus-- there is no where to go.