Headlines Bush Adamant on Iraq Election Schedule


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WASHINGTON - President Bush said Thursday that Iraq's elections must not be delayed from their scheduled date of Jan. 30, rejecting calls from more than a dozen political parties there to postpone them until security at the polls can be ensured.

"It's time for Iraqi citizens to go to the polls," Bush told reporters in the Oval Office at the start of a meeting with Nigerian President Olusegun Obasanjo.

Bush also weighed in on the matter of the election crisis in Ukraine, saying more forcefully than he had previously that other countries must not meddle as that country sorts through the disputed vote.

If there is to be a new election, as many government leaders and Ukrainian demonstrators have demanded, it "ought to be free from any foreign influence," Bush said.

He did not single out any country, but his words seemed to echo those of Canadian Prime Minister Paul Martin, with whom Bush met this week and who explicitly said Russia must not inject itself into the Ukrainian matter.

Bush steered gingerly around allegations of corruption in the United Nations' oil-for-food program in Iraq, which first surfaced in January. The charges have escalated. Two weeks ago, a congressional investigation uncovered evidence that Saddam Hussein's government raised more than $21.3 billion in illegal revenue by subverting U.N. sanctions against Iraq, including the oil-for-food program.


Sure! What's one more corrupt, stolen election....


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I would think that the president would have more of a reason than anyone to pursue the issue of the U.N. being corrupt, what with his past indescretions and disagreements with them. I don't doubt that this is the situation I just think that it (his defense of the u.n.) is strange is all.

In regards to Iraqis needing to go to the polls, I just don't really feel as though now is the right time and I am really starting to think that the deadline is just a "tad bit" optimistic. I think that they may need a little more time to get settled in to the whole idea of being able to selecct their national leader.

You gotta give it to him though. It sounds like maybe he is trying to rebuild some burnt bridges....(?)....


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I don't like the rush to have elections... how many years were waited before elections were persued in Germany and Japan....