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Headlines Bush and Zimbabwe


Domesticated Savage
CRAWFORD, Texas (AP) -- President Bush is targeting the U.S. accounts of leading government officials in Zimbabwe, saying those who work with President Robert Mugabe must restore democracy or face sanctions.

The White House announced Wednesday that Bush had signed an executive order Tuesday blocking all property and financial holdings in the United States owned by 128 people and 33 institutions in Zimbabwe.

It also bars U.S. citizens from having financial dealings with them.

"This action is not aimed at the people of Zimbabwe, but rather at those most responsible for their plight," said White House spokeswoman Dana Perino.

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It seems to me that our government means well but isn't going about things in a good way. Don't we create more poverty by cutting off financial dealings?

Maybe I'm not getting the whole picture but that is what I am currently seeing. Any thoughts?


Well... Someone must have told Bush there is a country like Zimbabwe, because Mugabe is ruling that country as dictator for years already.
It's just the first step towards an all out American attack on Zimbabwe.
But there seems to be one problem, they didn't dare to tell Dubya yet..
The country doesn't have oil. :D


Mugabe is a naughty boy.
In the years that heve gone bye he established, what many dictators try to do. Ruin the country. Remember, the country was called Rhodesia many years ago, and when the British were nearly broke, they left the country its independence, and the only thing that was still intact after that was a lot of farms with white farmers. They were producing food quite nicely, and so Mr. Mugabe nationalized the farms, and gave them to his black supporters, who didn't know how to shovel shit, and so the farms soon produced nothing anymore.
The economy was in shambles, and now he rules by using his mob to beat up his own people, and there are also opposing politicians that don't survive a crashing airplane.
Well, nothing that spectacular in a banana republic, that hasn't even got banana's.
It is a welcome deviation of Mr. Bush for the people back home, that there are more worse dictators in the world than he is.
So life isn't bad after all in corporate America. :rolleyes:

To say it straight forward:
Mugabe is a black racist.

Hmm... On second thought.. Bush seems to be seeking the support of ultra conservative farmers.
They know all about what happened with the poor colonialist white ranchers of yesterday..
"Praise the Lord, and pass the Ammo!"

Go git them Blue!!