Headlines Bush Names Kerik Security Chief


Seeker of Truth
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - President Bush nominated former New York police commissioner Bernard Kerik on Friday to head the U.S. homeland security department and accepted the resignation of Health and Human Services Secretary Tommy Thompson as part of a broad Cabinet overhaul.

All told, eight of Bush's 15 Cabinet members have resigned, and there could be more departures.

Kerik, 49, would replace Tom Ridge, the first secretary of homeland security. With his strong background in law enforcement, Kerik appeared headed toward easy Senate confirmation.

Thompson, 63, informed his staff of his decision. The former Wisconsin governor's resignation had been anticipated.

Mark McClellan, currently the head of the agency that runs Medicaid and Medicare, is considered Thompson's likely successor, officials said.

Bush told a White House ceremony with Kerik at his side that the one-time Manhattan beat cop "understands the duties that came to America on Sept. 11" by being at the twin towers when they collapsed, seeing the faces of the rescuers and attending the funerals of police officers killed.

"The resolve he felt that morning will guide him every day on his job. And every first responder defending our homeland will have a faithful ally in Bernie Kerik," said Bush.


Tommy Thompson, another little birdie falls out of the nest...

Let me see if I understand this, if you were at Ground Zero on 911, you are somehow "qualfied" to be secretary of homeland security? Yep, he ran the corrections Dept. in NYC, so now they're going to hand him a $40B budget. Excellent...

Bush has got to wake up every morning and think, I am the most nonsensical idiot that has ever walked the earth...