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Headlines Bush nominates Alito to Supreme Court


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Bush nominates Alito to Supreme Court
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - U.S. President George W. Bush nominated conservative judge Samuel Alito to the Supreme Court on Monday in a move likely to set off a partisan battle with Democrats as he tries to right his struggling presidency.

Bush acted quickly to find a replacement nominee for the lifetime appointment on the highest U.S. court after loyalist Harriet Miers withdrew from consideration on Thursday under fierce attack from conservatives within Bush's Republican Party who questioned her credentials.
Bush, appearing with Alito in the White House, listed the judge's lengthy resume and called Alito a "thoughtful judge who considers the legal merits carefully and applies the law in a principled fashion."
"I'm confident that the United States Senate will be impressed by Judge Alito's distinguished record, his measured judicial temperament, and his tremendous personal integrity," Bush said.
He called on the Senate to act promptly and vote on him by the end of the year, a timetable that could prove difficult.

Could Alito be anymore right wing?

Bush - he just loves to flog himself...​