Headlines Bush Struggles To Answer


Seeker of Truth
Journalists attending the Unity conference in Washington had given Kerry loud applause when he appeared before them on Thursday, so Bush had little doubt about the group's political leanings when he agreed to talk to them.

Still, the openly skeptical laughter that greeted some of his answers to their questions was a stark contrast to the fawning crowds Bush usually faces on the campaign trail.

A lone heckler was escorted out of the hall by security after interrupting the president's opening speech with shouts of "Shame on you, Mr. Bush!" and calling him a liar.

Many in the crowd laughed when Bush struggled to answer a question about what tribal sovereignty means for Native American tribes in the 21st century.

"Tribal sovereignty means that; it's sovereign. I mean, you're a -- you've been given sovereignty, and you're viewed as a sovereign entity. And therefore the relationship between the federal government and tribes is one between sovereign entities," Bush replied.
It's a miracle this guy can put his pants on each day...

If he wasn't the president of the United Sates, this would be funny...