But did you die?


What did everyone do to celebrate America’s independence ?

I don’t care if you aren’t in Murica!!! You still better have celebrated because Murica!!!!! pwns 😏

I was super tired all day Because I wasn’t able to sleep the night before. I had what’s known as “Hells itch” and no that’s not crabs. Some people get it some don’t, insane to sign exactly sure what happens, but it’s during the healing process after a bad sunburn, you get a relentless and severe itch that can make a grown person cry. So I stayed home and rested, my wife and daughter went to meet up with the Pham at ones house and have a relaxing BBQ all day. They do fireworks a block over from our house at the mall, so my wife and I intended to watch the fireworks from the balcony after the kids went down. Turns out there’s a massive tree that literally blocked the perfect view we could ahead.

So instead...the wife caught up on Hand Maids take and I worked on my new computer build. (Intel i9 7900X !) Hub?
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