cabo wabo


Was machen Sie?
while i realize many or most of you are under age (as if that stops people from drinking) i just tried cabo wabo blanco/110 proof
it was mmm mmm mmmm yummy! for everyone else, if you enjoy tequila try a shot of one of their three variations-you'll thank me!

it also comes in anejo
and reposado
where the former is aged longer than the latter and is the darkest version of the three. blanco is straight from the distillary...its expensive shit starting @ $50-$90 a bottle but its orgasmic.

any other tequila lovers? (or, what liquor do you think tastes the best?)

link to retailer who sells the three


The Iron Lung

I know everyone here is underage....but if you get a chance to come across some true Purple Power....dont pass it up...not only do you get fucked up beyond recognition...but it tastes very good.

Forget all of that tequila shit. ;)