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Calling all geeks....


Ok. I'll make this short and stupid for you.

I'm looking to take digital movie shorts from a camera and convert them into animated gif's, or something to that effect. I've searched online until my eyes have bled and I'm tired of looking. I don't need a huge umteen billion gigafuct file to download. Nor do I want to buy something that I'm likely to only use a few times. Anybody familiar with MOV file converters, compressors, optimizers or fat chicks?

I've just about given up, so I thought I'd make a last ditch effort and ask here before I lose interest in it. If you know of any cool sites I can lurk, or if you know of any spiffy software freebies to try, or if you just have some helpful info, that would be swell. :oddgrin:

I'm tired of looking.


I've had the same issue. As far as I could find out, over 2 months of searching, there are no free .mov to anything converters. The cheapest I could find was $20. If i could find a .mov file editter i'd be happy, but those aren't cheap either.

I think slemaire195 is onto something. My digital cam has a tv out feature, maybe I can hook it up and capture it on my computer to turn it into a different format.