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Martha Fuckin' Stewart
moe said:
anyone who makes, then wears wooden shoe has peoblems. they are not comfy. even cave men knew that, they used leather.

Know why the dutch wore wooden shoes? Let me give you a little history lesson by Professor Missles.

Way back in the Early periods of European History, there was an area on the northern edge of the mainland, which sat below sea-level. And because of this, places would constantly flood. Now, if people were walking around in flooded areas with leather shoes on, they would constantly have to make/buy new shoes, as the leather shoes in that day were quite thin and and nothing like they are now-a-days. This is just a waste of good leather. So the people of this area found that wearing wooden shoes would last a lot longer than any other form of shoe available to the people of the day. Thus was the creation of the clog.

And this concludes my lesson. :thumbsup:
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