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Car accident

Just down the street from my house. There is a horrible intersection that has caused a couple fatal accidents. Last year, 6 day before Christmas, a 17 year old girl was going to the gas station. Her mom and 5 year old sister were behind her to make sure she made it. That's how low on gas she was. Well the 17 year old pulled out. Meanwhile, down the street, two teenagers were drag racing (in the middle of the day) smashed her and killed her (not instantly either.) Could you imagine. Well this year, two days ago, two teens in a Saturn were going so fast that they lost control at the same intersection and hit a small SUV. They flipped the SUV and killed the wife that was driving, and gave the husband brain damage. Just something to think about. All of the people that caused the wreck walked away with minor scrapes.


Yay fire!
Perfect example of why an IQ test should be a prerequisite for getting one's license. Having been in a few car accidents myself, I know the carnage that dumbasses who have no business being behind the wheel of even so much as a Power Wheel can cause. :thumbsup:


I think everyone should roll a car atleast once, so they understand what those things are capable of even at low speeds.
I have a friend who was going 50 km/h (the speed limit on most city roads)

He hit a loose patch of gravel while going around a corner, and rolled his car.

I hit an ambulance once. It wasn't even my fault.


How dare you!?
bnccoder said:
I think everyone should roll a car atleast once, so they understand what those things are capable of even at low speeds.
I agree I was driving home late one night. Figured i could make it no problem. Didnt realise a turn was coming and rolled it right over. I didnt get more then a scratch on the nose but it really taught me quite a bit. And i can honestly say I think twice before i say "Ehh i can make it."
My friend and I were having fun in the middle of nowhere, just screwing around on dirt roads, and he rolled his car. In a way, it was fun but at the same time, we felt stupid. The plastic backboards they strap you to in the ambulance suck balls, too. That was the worst part of the whole thing. That was when we came back 5 hours later, but they still had to.


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last accident i was in(gave me a herniated(sp?) disk in my neck) i was doing 35 in a 30.......and about 10 feet in front of me this guy tries to go across 4 lanes of traffic.....i smack right into my car :(