WTF ... IS WTF!?
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cartoon wtf....


Oppressing your posts...
ok um.. I'm sure I'll prolly get grilled for watching odd cartoons but this one has me at morbid curiosity...

Code Lyoko...

what the fuck... My son is big time into it so I turn it on for him but since it does mean I can't watch tv I have to watch it.

I've gathered that it is a group of kids who discovered a massive super computer virtual reality thing in an abandoned warehouse. One of them convienently being a supergenious figured out how to hack away at it and fell in love with some cyber chick who lives inside the computer. But of course the computer has some other inteligence that is trying to destroy the world using some strange ability to affect reality through "towers" in the virtual world. and the kids can fight it off by transporting themselves to the virtual world. but certain things escape me...

who built the fuckin computer? why? why are they all dead or missing?

sorry but you know how it is.. parents gotta get to know thier kids shows.. and this one just bugs me on the details...

Chronic Anger

Bringer of Genocide
Never watched it, saw a few glimpses but remembered to change the channel