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Movies Catwoman : biggest action letdown since Torque (no spoilers)


So picture this. Halle Berry. Black leather. Tight. Skin. Yeah. Doesn't get much better right? I mean even if there was absolutely no plot, no sense, it would be okay, because we can stare at her ass for two hours, right?

The DUMBEST movie. I mean, maybe you're gonna say, what did I expect? I knew there was going to there was going to be a cheese factor; I mean, the new Queen of the Damned had a cheese factor but it was still impressive on is own rite; but . . . this was terrible! Even the special effects sucked - and I still watch Outer Limits for god's sake! If you want a full length review you can go to (where Catwoman is currently soaring at 2.4). I've come to my own conclusion: Halle Berry is a bad actor. She's one of the best looking girls I've ever seen, but she just sucks as an actor, and I've never noticed it before. X-Men? So un-fierce. Gothika? Lame. Monster's Ball? Flat.

I think it's time for Hale Berry to take the focus off of drama. I'm sure there are other realms for her. Such as . . . porn.


I coudln't agree more. The movie was a complete and total waste. I wouldn't even rate it as high as a 2.4.

If one wants to see Hale Berry, watch SwordFish; perhaps her last good movie.


As far as Hale Berry in X-Men, where the fuck is she supposed to be from??! That's no accent I've ever heard before.


Drummer Pride!!!
True that shes a bad actor but only because she chooses the role where she can flit her arse off and they are always, dumb, stupid and flat out lame!

I think ur right bout the porn movies, shed have a better reputation as a playgirl than she has now! (Well thats basicly the reputation she now n e ways, lol)


youknowthedeal - maybe it wasn't bad - but it could have been WAY better. Just like Torque could have been WAY better. Like Bulletproof Monk, and Bruce Almighty, and Mystic River could've been way better. If only the producers had consulted me first. :cool:

magnolia - yup. X-men was great, because all of the other female characters were doing their job.

Brit - I forgot about Swordfish - I've seen it and it's probably her best job (not saying much). I've only seen the movie once - in theater - and I should probably watch it again because there's a couple parts that I didn't follow very well.

I just thought of another crappy Halle Berry job I've seen - "Die Another Day" . . . wtf?! Has anyone notice that she always has the same attitude? Supposed to be tough, but never quite convinces you? I think she's a real ditzy femme in real life or something.