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CD Burner Burns Coasters, Need Advice *BAD EXPERIENCES WITH LITE-ON/ARTEC*


Hella Constipated
So yeah, I can't really test out the public build of Avalon until I get a burner.

It was getting spotty for a few weeks, to the point where it would skip cutscenes in FreeSpace 2 to the point where the machine would nearly lockup, and then it started to slow down games when it accessed the disc - it cut my framerate in half!

It was an Artec WSM-52X. I had a Lite-On 40x CD-ROM, and it ran like shit in my old 486DX2-66 and just about every other machine I had. I also had a 48X Lite-On CD-RW drive that was so god damn nasty that the buffer was bad - It constantly stayed at around 3%, and upon 50% completion the speed would ratchet down to 8X, and it often failed to burn. It died a similar death as my other Lite-On did - they just randomly stopped working one day.

I had a Ricoh 2x1x6x IDE CD-RW drive that was a fucking workhorse. This thing must have gone through 4000 hours of burning in it's life - my father would burn 50 CD's with it regularly IN A ROW - then he gave it to me. It worked for a LONG time - but one day, everything it burned became corrupt.

Sadly, Ricoh no longer makes CD-RW drives.

Besides Asus, who should I look for? Their DVD-DL/CD-RW combo drives are uber fucking pricey.


Member smoked too much weed!
Have you checked the upper and lower filters in the Registry?



LiteOn/NEC/Plextor make the best damn burners out there. Just about everyone-elses' burners are rebadged LiteOn/NEC units. That includes HP, Panasonic, Dell, you name it and it's a LiteOn/NEC.

My 48x LiteOn CD-R(W) unit is a workhorse, as is my NEC 3510a DL DVD-R(W). The CD-R(W) has well over 2000 burns and the NEC has well over 600 burns. Both burned at the maximum rated speed for the media used.


Hella Constipated
Good point. I think I'll give Lite-On another go.

I have a 4x USB burner and a 4x CD-RW drive (IDE), but the latter seems to have vanished (It's around here somewhere!), and the former just blows cock. I only use the USB IOmega one with my laptop. Thank god it was a freebie. The thing is so sporadic and unreliable I can't even begin to explain...