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CD-Rom Drive Fucked


ok recently my friend lended me his read the rules or you're going to get banned. and he said i was supposed to mount the image or something like that. so, i went to download alcohol 120% and tried but it seemed that the CD he gave me doesn't contain the image file, so i downloaded the image file (95kb) and tried to copy the files on the CD (amounting to 700MB++) to my desktop. when it was about to finish, it started lagging real bad and it ended by saying data1 couldnt be copied due to so I/O error or something..and only 268MB of files got copied i wanted to try copying again but my explorer just hangs everytime i try. So i got pissed and restarted my com, only to have it display a msg in DOS interface ...something about me not having connected my power extension cable to my videocard or something...after a few punching on my manual reboot button, windows managed to load and now my CD-Rom drive stopped fucking working. I put any CD inside it just says Please insert a disc into Drive F:. Properties, other programs just report it as no media loaded. Now i can't copy the files nor run any goddamn CDs >_<. The part about windows malfunctioning i think its another issue.
So, I am asking help with
1. the CD-Rom Drive Issue
2. the image mounting

btw, i have 7GB free space left on my C: drive and 20GB~ left on others so i dont think its anything to do with my HD.
thanks in advance for all help =D


It sounds like the drive may have died. I would check to see if you can see it in BIOS and if not just buy a new one, they're not very expensive.


Theoretical Realist
I'm not gonna tell you how to get an ISO image off a CD and burn it, because I don't wanna get banned. As for your CDROM, try looking in the device manager. (Right click My Computer, select Properties, click the Hardware tab then click Device Manager.) Take a look at CD/DVDROM drives. Click the little plus sign then double click on the drive your having problems with. Look in the device status box. If it says This device is working properly, uninstall the driver (click the driver tab, click uninstall, then OK.) Restart your computer. Sometimes a driver will just get corrupt. The computer should find the device, and reinstall the driver for it. It might work then, if not they're cheap, like the others said.