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Celebrity Top or Bottom?

Celebrity "Top or Bottom?"

For a moment, let's pretend every man in the world is gay. Who are the "tops" and who are the "bottoms"?

In this game, I will start off by naming a famous man, and the next person to post will decide whether that man would be a top or bottom during anal sex, and if they want to they can explain why. Then the poster will go on to name another famous man, and the next poster repeats the process. It will look something like this:

zoloft casserole: Ashton Kutcher

????????: bottom

Brad Pitt, top or bottom?


So, I'm going to start the game off with Bill Cosby.

Top.......or bottom?

Brain Spout

Wizard No More
teh anarchist said:
Bill Cosby: bottom

Adam Sandler, top or bottom?
bottom, but every now and then during anal sex he screams loudly and goes thats enough, and everyone laughs, and by the end he has the girl.

Tom Cruise
Bottom, he could never turn down such an impossible mission... and while he was on his hands and knees he'd call for Matt Damon(sp?) to come next.

Matt Damon


Top, hardcore

michael jackson: top or botttom, i just had to say that