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Cellular Service


a.k.a. FuckTheBullShit
I'm looking for a new cell phone and need to figure out service compatibility issues.

To start with I was an ATT Wireless customer and am now a Cingular gimp. I'm not looking to change providers.

However, in looking at many phones like the Motorolla A780 Clickity many places list it as not compatible with Cingular but it is compatible with ATT. Now that they are the same thing I'm wondering if it IS compatible?

So before I go shell out $400+ for a damn phone I'd like to know if it's going to work.

Based on the GSM phone I have, they are opearting on either the 850 or 1900 band range both of which are supported by the a780. My guess is it would work but I'd hate to guess and be wrong.

So, does anyone have any good resources I can dig into to help?


Was machen Sie?

the phone you want seems to be compatible w/ both 850 & 1900 megahertz. here's a link (click on AT&T or Cingular) to check coverage area map
it looks like you wll only be using 850 locally but the 1900 band will be good for roaming.

try not to lose this one! :)


That phone is a quad-band world phone; it can operate on all current GSM frequencies and will work in any country that uses GSM, including here in the states. Cingular uses the 850MHz band down south and in rural areas, and the 1900MHz band in metro areas; you'll be just fine.


Hella Constipated
It will work. My phone still has an AT&T BIOS, flashes the AT&T logo on boot, and says "CINGULAR" at the menu screen.

It's the low-end blue-lighted Nokia.

Junglizm: You beat me to the point about the frequencies.