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Censorship blows

Censorship is by far the most ridiculous shit I have ever seen. The only reason its here today is because some rich white bitches said "Hey lets blame our PMS and menopausal problems on tv! Yaaay! And after that we can buy a few new condominiums, yachts, and other worthless shit! HOORAY!"
Censoring stuff is pointless. All it does is make people loose money for working really damn hard on something. Just because it has a small sticker doesn't stop people from buying a cd or album, its a fucking waste of time. I mean people like Pete Townshend and Frank Zappa protested against censorship.

But seriously. Its bullshit. Any disagreements?
While I would agree that censorship sucks the big one, I don't think it has anything to do with people wanting to blame their PMS or whatever on TV ... It is just a matter of overprotective sheltering parents that want their children to not be exposed to the real world. These parents have usually either A: been sheltered themselves, or B: had some shitty experience and now hate people and don't want their kid to have the same experience.

It's really not that big of a deal, just deal with it cause it's not going away anytime soon.
angrywelshman said:
The only reason its here today is because some rich white bitches said "Hey lets blame our PMS and menopausal problems on tv! Yaaay! And after that we can buy a few new condominiums, yachts, and other worthless shit! HOORAY!"
Are you high? :confuse:


a.k.a. FuckTheBullShit
No, he's just stupid.

Censorship has nothing to do with women. To begin with the media in all it's major outlets (excepting of course the internet) is dominated by MEN. (You know, those people with a dangly thing between their legs and no fat sacks on their chests?)

Censorship exists in order to control the messages being portrayed or to otherwise limit content. While it does at times suck, it has nothing to do with your life sucking. In otherwords how about we try posting in the right area shall we?

It also does not take money from hard working individuals. The rules that dominate media today are relatively well known. If you make something you should be able to predict within oh lets say 100% certainty that it will be, or will not be allowed to air in its current state. You may be asked to edit your work but it most likely won't be dissalowed. Unless it's deemed to be too grotesque for public broadcast. In which case HBO or Skinemax will pick it up anyway.

So, what exactly is your problem?


Oppressing your posts...
i find censorship exists because

1. a mass media like tv needs to be limited... perhaps not as much as it is sometimes or as much as some extremist groups want but still needs to be limited... and

2. because since its invention parents have been using tv as a babysitter and teacher... but then they found out that TV was teaching questionable subjects that the parents themselves were sheltering thier kids from.. such as romantic relations.. Like the old bullshit tale of if you kiss a boy in a bikini you'll get pregnant.. same thing on violence.. the old "my kid shouldnt have to see so much violence on tv" then the parent goes about whipping thier child with a belt.. much better..

Parents are too lazy to teach thier kids questionable matter but when someone else does it.. tv, movies, teachers in school. they will be the first ones to leave thier jobs and jump on the picket lines...


a.k.a. FuckTheBullShit
With regards to Television and radio, censorship comes from two sources:

1. Government limits, set ONLY on the over the air channels. Governmental limits do not apply to paid cable, only channels like CBS, ABC, NBC, FOX et all.

2. Sponsors. Since nearly every channel (with the exception of pay per view, and the paid subscriptions like HBO, Cinemax and a few others) is supported by advertising revenue, those advertisers get a say. Because these are private citizens they can limit free speach. And if you're going to give your money to a tv channel you want to make sure that what that channel airs, particularly when your adds air, fit with your corporate image.


Dreaming to live
Two censorship types (these are not recognized terms)

Explicit censorship ("bleeping and blurring")
The standards set by the accepted society lead censors to bleep certain words and blur certain immages. Ok no big deal.

Content censorship (shutting mouths, muting voices, and pushing back progress)
Government and Companies use their influence with censors to block information from reaching the public through mass media. Or, perverting that information so it looks unbelievable. This is total BS. The public is put on a "need-to-know" basis for information that could be helpful to them in their lives everyday. For instance Robert Kennedy Jr. recently attempted to put the study proving that pharmaceutical companies were responsible for the explosion of autism and some other ailments because of a type of mercury put into innoculations. (he also may have proved that said companies tried to hide this fact, but that gets scetchy.) Anyway, he tried to have his story released on television exclusively through a major television network during primetime. The station (I have forgotten the name) first cancelled his piece, then later aired it in a heavily censored fashion making Kennedy's claims seem unfounded. In addition his segment was flanked by pharmaceutical commercials. This cannot be an isolated occurance. Someone stop this insanity.


I agree with you that having a sticker won't stop people from buying the product, but for parents or grand parents who don't know anything about the product it helps to determine whether or not they're going to let their little ones use it. So I think that censorship is a good thing. I do think that sometimes it's taken too far though.
i mean content censorship

the whole thing about women was that the Censorship PARTY was started by tipper gore and other very rich/famous white women. But anywho, moving on along.

you guys have so good points but im just saying that some of that stuff has to reach the public. like what ReiMishin said, the government controlling what we know and to what extent we know it. I think that is mainly the problem, but i also think the whole cd thing holds ground and that artists shouldnt be censored(but then again who can determine whats appropriate?!! gaah damn you censorship party!). I just think the government should really tell us what is going on.

No im not high :rolleyes:


From appaled to applauding, controversy.
censorship is not as tight as it used to be. consider films, the exorsists was rated 18, i'm certain you can think of many horrors nowadays with gore, twisted concepts that are far more disturbing than the exorsist. censorship has loosened over the years. it isnt as restricting as before.

as said before, censorship is usually used for guidence. it wouldn't be wise for an adult to allow his 12 year old son to see "Blow", the 18 certificate gives a clear impression of the behavior of the film.

content censorship is for the purpose of protection of the accused or of the public. live with it.