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chainsaw accident


so yesterday i went over to my parents house to see them and stuff(plus i had dirty clothes that needed to be washed lol) and its all dandy and fine untill my dad says to me "hay son im gona chop down thoses trees in the back yard and i need ya to help me" so im like yeah shore dad. so he goes to the shed and gets his chainsaw out and off we go to kill some trees lol. the first one went down well but the secon one was givin dad the shits. so after 10 mintues or so of none stop swearing the tree finaly goes down but just as dad started choping it up for firewood the chain snapped a flew off.after that things just kinda slowed down. i saw dad drop the chain saw and grab his face while blood started to spurt every wear. i ran over but i was to late he had allready colapsed. by this time mum had callen the ambulence and ran down to us. dad was still on the ground holding his face but after i had a look i was a little relived. all that had happened was the chain had hit him in the eyebrow and across the forehead (thank fukin god that he was wearin safty glasses) after another 10 minutes the ambulence arrived but dad had lost a heap of blood and i started to worry heaps. the paramedics put him on a stretcher and loaded him into the ambulence. i asked if i coulde ride along but thay said that i couldent. so me and mum drive over to the hospital and after waiting for about 4 hours a nurse comes out and tells us he is all right. then we were allowed to go see him. he was consious but just barly. the doctors had to do some minor surgary to sew up his eyebrow and forehead but thay said that there was not going to be any lasting damage except for i big ass scar. so i went to see him again this mournin and he was awake and almost back to his normal self. then i had to leave again beacause the nurse had to check his stitches. all 48 of em!. so yeah im lucky i still got a dad and id just like to say one thing. if you are gona use power tools or the like wear the fukin safty gear or you might not be as lucky as my dad


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Bloody hell, I've seen the damage done when one of those fuckers twitch, consider yourself extremely lucky to still have him!

He could of saved his face just by spending that little extra on personal protective equipment (PPE). What's cheaper, PPE or cosmetic surgery?


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This is why they make face shields for this sort of equipment. Mainly because head injuries bleed A LOT.


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auch...happy that he didn't get any lifelong serious (sp??) injuries :) :hug2:

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Wow, that's a close call, glad your dad is A o-Kay.
my dad too

yeah my dad works with a pressure washer and...well lets say hes done some stupid stuff. not that what ur dad did was stupid, it wasn't his fault at all. dad took off a valve to his pressure gun thing without de-pressurizing it first and the 10-ft extension that was on it happened to blow off and flip around...hitting him in the hand. he lost a huge chip in his middle finger's mid-knuckle and his index finger's knuckle. he bled a lot and drove himself to the hospital, so i know what ur talking about man. SAFTEY COUNTS BIG TIME. WHERE FACE/HAND PROTECTION AROUND MACHINERY/POWER TOOLS!

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Man that sucks, I hope your dad feels better.:thumbsup:


thanks guyz and gurlz, i went and saw him again 2day and he's doin fine but the hospital want to keep him for another day or to for observation :(
Well we are all glad he is ok... tell him members send their love:thumbsup: