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Chaintech ROCKS!


Hella Constipated
I just bought a budget board from these guys, and it hauls ass!

I never knew dual channel could boost my system up so much...I literally feel like my PC is processing shit before I press a key!

$47, and this board has almost everything my brothers Asus A7N8XE-Deluxe board has, and his cost him $100!

It also has an active NB cooler, pretty styling (Gold and Black!), and a "Keyboard Power-Up Hotkey" feature. I can even set a password so nobody can access my machine. Hell, they can't even turn it on without the password.

Furthermore, I get a constant 60fps in FreeSpace 2 now. What the fuck?! I always thought that was impossible.

Anyone else here ever get one of those sweet deals, or a hidden gem?


Original Member
I got a chaintech video card. very cheap very good

and yeah i did get a good deal. I spent 12 less than you did and my board is just as good.