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i wondered if anyone here did any kind of charitable or voluntary type of things? or when/what was the last time you contributed to a stranger for no reason other than to be generous?

i came upon a senior citizen, a man in his 80's, who told me he struggled at the end of the month when his food stamps ran out. he said it gets really tough for him-

i proceeded to tell him of all the places where people regularly serve hot meals, give out canned food, etc. in his community. he is home bound so i suggested he call them to find out if they could get a volunteer to deliver....he said, "yeah if you like soup".

this broke my heart. i asked him if he was hungry. he asked why apprehensively? i told him i'd buy him a meal, whatever he wanted, if he was really hungry. he accepted, and i bought him some hot dogs off a truck as requested.

that night i came home different. i rolled it around in my mind, the experiences of my day and although i was feeling ok...the thought of him starving bothered me.

the next day i went to his home with bags in hand- of firsts/seconds/thirds of things i found in my cubboard and i went food shopping for the basics too. (got milk, butter, bread, jam, eggs, etc) i delivered all these items to him. he seemed thankful.

i ah, never really had such an experience before. granted, i am poor as an independent student. my family while growing up was very modest and although we had enough we never had much. my neighbors then and now are of the same if not worse off, so i thought i had seen the depths of poverty. the sheltered life i lead... so here's my plea, "if you haven't or didn't plan on it i urge you to go out to your communities, especially with the holidays and give generously".


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Thats quite touching....This is kind of a generalization but, old people hate me...I'm the nicest person in the world to old people but they seem to either get really indignant or really terrified. I am alot bigger than most people, but I wouldnt consider myself frightening. I asked an old lady if I could help her out with her groceries and she began to cower in the corner, when I asked her if she was ok, she just whimpered "I'm can go now". I couldnt have been more polite or "smiley". I guess I havent been as generous as I could be, here I am with the free time to bullshit on the internet on a 1600$ laptop and there are old, hungry people out there. I think generosity is an intrinsic virtue though....either they are going to be, or they arent. Tell you what, the next non begging homeless person I cross is gonna get twenty dollars worth of food.

on a non-related note
I was walking outside of this store and I came across a Salvation army guy...the ones with the bells. This guy was so different though, he was kind of dancing around and singing with the bells and everything. It was cold as fuck and this guy was having a blast, I gave him all of my tip money ($12). The same store, different day, It was a different guy just sort of milling around the pot and un-enthusiasticly ringing only one bell....Needless to say, I passed on the generosity that time around.


i dont really do community work but i ussually help out at events for charity and stuff, like at this national trust building they hold an easter egg hunt for the kiddies and raise loads of money and i took the money in and helped set it up and stuff.. and every year i help with the dartmoor discovery race which is a marathon of 36 miles raising money for charity. its alot of fun and it helps so its worth it.

while were on this subject, i was watching a programme about live aid/band aid and how they are doing another single. its crap. but i think everyone should buy one cos it really helps, there are still doctors and hospitals provided for by live aid 20 years ago. all the pop stars and rocks stars involved were shown a video of africa and the poverty they face every day. they were all in tears by the end of it. it raised something like 182 million for africa, all rasied in donations pretty much from normal people, which they are having to pay back every day. we can all help to lower their debt and get them on the right track.
the best line of that song is "outside your window there is a world full of death." think about it, innit


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Every Year I buy a gift off the Angel Tree. For when I was little I remember someone put my name on the tree and I got something. I remember that being the only thing I got for x-mass and how excited I was. I remember it being a board game, pictonary. My brother and I played it none stop for months. So every years I go and buy a gift. This Year the boy asked for a hoodie and a 12 pack of pop. I got him a nice black hoodie and a gift card so he could buy his soda and a hand held game.

Every year I use to take time out to feed the homeless. I struggled on my feet with no pay for 6 hours as they came into the small building. I seen how something like an extra cookie was gold to them. I seen the effects of a Midwest winter of them. Every Year I feed these people and sat and ate with them. It's hard to eat when you know that they want more.. so you just normally gave your food up to the people around you.

I give my blood, the gift of life. For with out someone giving theirs, my mother would not be here. So if I am able to. I give it.

All over you can give something of your life. Being it donating your blood, shoveling the walk for some lady, helping out at your local shelter. Or small things such as a simple smile and a hello. That moment of being treated liked more then a bum. A "can I help you carry that". Holding the door open. Can mean the world to someone.

I remember reading somewhere that a lady went in to a church, a fancy big church to find god. Her clothes were old and faded but clean. She listened to the word of god echo with in the church and the time came when the collection plate was passed around. She could see the hundred dollar bills in it and all the money she did not have. So opened up her small handbag and tossed in there, three of her most shinny pennies. The man taking the plate back was appalled and gave her a dirty look as the old woman’s sunk low in her seat and left the warmth of that church early. On her way out the door the man looked at her and said "you should give what you can" and which she replied " I gave all I had"... When she returned to her house, which was cold and damp. She looked around for a moment to try to light the stove. It wouldn’t light, it wouldn’t light. So she prayed to god and said “ ask forgiveness for being unable to give more” and turn she heard a soft echo in the room “ I have more then I could ever use” As the old woman bent to light the fire in the stove, she was amaze to see it glow brighter then it ever had.

Even if you can not give a lot. There are other ways. Give what you can, no matter how small it is. Doesn’t always have to be money.

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that was very thoughtful of you to do that. Im sure you definately made that old mans day. You should be proud of yourself, the world lacks people with integrity and values. Don't lose that.


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its nice to see some kindness still exists... you go GGW..
My family "adopted a family" from thanxgiving to xmas one year.. they were the most gracious people I had ever met... the father cried.. when we brought over food for them... my family went all out.. they had two young kids too.. welll we adopted them again the next year.. same graciousness.... well.. then the next summer we gotta call from the father of the family.. asking us for help... we gave him money to help pay his rent and get some food for the kids... my lil brother saw the man at the store that night... yeah.. he had food... but he also had two gallons of booze and a case of beer... my father went over to talk to the man the next day.. and found the mother and father wasted... kids filthy... and unattended... called Child Protective services and never adopted another family... kinda turned me away from charity...


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I fix/upgrade the church computers for free. I generally like to help out other's when I can. The one that sticks in my head (really more of an act of compassion than charity).

I was on a plane from Singapore to Australia. This little old Asian guy was seated across the isle from me. As the meals were served, I noticed in the corner of my eye, he kept looking at me. I kind of watched him for a while and noticed he was studying his utensils and condiments. He was obviously confused.

Then it struck me. He had no Idea how to use a fork and knife. I got his attention and demonstrated how a fork and knife was used, and how to use the condiments.
He appeared happy and thankful after that.

I imagine he may have been someone of modest means, lived in the country side, very traditional. I saw a bit of myself in him as I remembered the many times I've been in foreign countries, unfamiliar with my surroundings, no grasp of the language, and trying to get by. My heart really went out to him.


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Well I dunno if you would consider helping your friends out with things would be a charirty or volunteering shit, but I usually help my friends with things that they need help with, car systems, computers, cds, all kinds of shit. :thumbsup:


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haha, yea i did some volunteer work last year, about 120 hours, but only for probation. but when i see someone in need i usually stop and see if i can do anything, but fuck volunteering, who does that???