Chat log Just for Icky : What happens when you leave the chat....?


Mr. Ee
[01:36] <Jingles> well fine, get the fuck outta here.
[01:37] <Jingles> don't forget the end is the beginning is the end tommorow
[01:37] <lcarus> Sweetness
[01:37] <lcarus> See you guys later
[01:37] * lcarus has quit IRC (The power to change what I can, the wisdom to accept what I can't, and the inability to tell the difference.)
[01:37] <FirezeMis> take it easy
[01:37] <Jingles> oh
[01:37] <Jingles> he leaves before we say bye
[01:37] <Jingles> fucking bastard
[01:37] <FirezeMis> whatta jerkoff
[01:37] <Jingles> I hope he fucking dies
[01:37] <Jingles> No, I hope he has something really good coming up, then he dies
[01:37] <FirezeMis> we should feed him to either max or shep
[01:37] <FirezeMis> haha
[01:38] <Jingles> Fucking prick.
[01:38] <FirezeMis> he is about get laid; but the girl cuts off his wang
[01:38] <FirezeMis> that would be death-worthy
[01:39] <Jingles> no no no
[01:39] <Jingles> he is about to get laid
[01:39] <Jingles> then he dies
[01:39] <Jingles> simple as that
[01:39] <FirezeMis> fair enough
[01:39] <Jingles> No, fuck that.
[01:39] <Jingles> I hope he makes the NBA, and dies before his first game
[01:39] <Jingles> lmao
[01:39] <FirezeMis> haha
[01:40] <FirezeMis> or right as he is gettin his first million dollar paycheck; he dies
[01:40] <Jingles> As they hand it to him

Hahahaha. Sorry Icky. You rock man. Just fucking with you.


(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

I'm getting a new IRC leaving message. Just because of you.

/me cries.