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Music Check it out, yo?


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Heyyo. I'd like to ask the friendly members of to give a listen to my friend's band: Aurora/Gorby/In Like Flint/Vampire Sightings At The Mall... well, the list goes on and on. Their name changes a lot, but they've got a demo online. Give it a try! :thumbsup:

They've got no vocals (yet... can't afford to get the singer in the studio), but they've got a great sound for a bunch of fifteen year olds.

Anyways, give them a shot. :thumbsup:


_ потерял душу _
Have to give my honest opinion on this one NoSub...

Pretty good sound...non-generic I got some chilli peppers vibes from it... :thumbsup:

Just smack the drummer a few times he will get in time.. :p

repped..contributing to the cause!