China Doll Part III


Angel of Death
He looked up at his mother in lack of understanding. Only her cruel smooth touch that torture his soul offered any comfort. He often times would lay awake afraid to move in the shadows of his home, now to him more like hell… unimaginable. He wanted to run away but he was bond there. After all any mommy is better then no mommy.

He was unaware that he had been lifted out of the tub and now a soft warm towel was drying him off. It filled his mind and body with happiness and felt good against his painful skin. It didn’t hurt and he could feel a smile begin to be painted across his face and it was in those precious few moments that he first seen her. She was pale almost like a ghost to him. She was around the same age maybe younger…she just stood there as if she was afraid to move.

Her lips where of a pale rose color, her eyes bright blue sea green and her hair a long blonde color. She was dressed all in white and seemed almost like an angel to him. His eyes where fixed on her, he was afraid to blink to see her vanish.

“Cody…Cody…Cody” his mother voice drew him back into the reality of life and she was lightly shaking him. She spoke a few more words and he pretended to listen to them…

He looked down at the dingy white towel that held tiny traces of blood from his face. He wanted to cry, remembering what mommy’s new friend had done to him, but then he saw her again. She was an Angel, he was sure of it. For only an Angel can vanish and then reappear.

She stretched her small hands out and touched his face. It was almost like a dream… they both stood there afraid and then it shattered. He felt a heavy hand slapping the back of his head.

“Stop lookings soz..” he couldn’t understand him now. He had done something wrong but what? He started to cry and then it happened again this time a repeated slap against the face… he was unable to determine how many times it was. Just enough to make him go numb again.

Finally even his mother had to take pity on him and took her child to his makeshift bedroom. The room was only big enough to fit a bed in it… a nightlight and one stuffed wolf. His cloths were shoved on a shelf over his bed.

He stared at his mother but her face was blank. She roughly put his pants on and a shirt… handed him his wolf as she combed his hair with her hands. There were no words spoken. He had seen and done this routine enough times before, it was time for him to leave… “Go play” that what she was telling him, that’s what her face was telling him.

At least this time though it was sunny outside and he knew it would only be for a few hours and then maybe he could sneak back through the window when no one was around. Last time though, that what caused one of mommy’s friends to leave.

That’s why she left him alone cause he was bad. He knew he wasn’t to come back in until she said so. He knew that. He just was confused, cold and forgot… he was sorry. She wouldn’t listen though, but this time it would be different he promised himself that. This time he would be good… the best son.

There were no toys outside for him to play with but he had made some great friends. There was Henry, mayor of his Rockville. Sammy his wolf and Stick person… and there was even a little house…a giant rock in the middle of his back yard and when it rained he could squeeze himself under one of the edges and stay dry, unless the wind was blowing the other direction or the rain was coming down heavy as it often did in Seattle.

It was sunny out but still chilly. He could feel the tiny little bumps grow across his arms. It was fun for him to watch them appear and run his fingers over them. Often times he would pretend that they were making him strong… Strong enough to over power “mommy friends” and destroy “the monster”.

He could feel it grow inside him; it was something that most people never feel. Rage. Unending rage. It was all a blur to him, he wanted to destroy something…hurt someone, break something. Make someone hurt as much as he did… then he seen her again.

She was like a light of peace that engulfed his body. She stood there just looking at him and he swore he could hear her giggle. He was lulled by her simple smile; she was the most beautiful person he had ever seen. She had a glow about her, but sometime she freighted him. For when he went to touch her she was gone… disappeared.

“An angel…” he thought as his body overfilled with excitement and joy. It was like for a moment he forgot everything. Forgot that he was to stay outside and be quite. After all children are meant to be invisible not heard.

“MOMMY…. MOMMY! AN ANGEL! I SAW AN ANGEL,” he screamed at the top of his lungs as he watched the handle of the small trailer house open.

His mother was now naked and held just a blanket around her and standing behind her was mommy friend. A strange smell rolled out from behind them… that is the stuff they where not suppose to talk about…. He looked down at the ground realizing that he had forgot to be good again.

“Fucking BITCH!” was all the words Cody could make out. His mom stood there, they where fighting. She was trying to explain about Cody… how he was better then that. He watched as his mom glared at him and told him to “Vanish”… “Go play” Then she was shoved a bit against the door by john.

“F-ffuck…. Fuck…. Fuck you!” his small innocent lips cursed out… he glared at john. Then he felt his hand grab a rock as he hurled it towards him with all his might, it fell short. Then he watched as John selfishly pushed his mother to the side knocking her drunken self to the ground. He was naked and his size was over powering to the small boy. John hurled back at him a half full beer can. It struck him right against the face knocking him to the ground.

He lay there looking up at John. His small eyes watched him as his hands grabbed a handful of pebbles. Then in the corner of his eyes he saw her again. His angel. She was afraid and had a look of stunned horror across her face.

The sting of the pebbles being whipped at full speed against his body drew his attention away from her. He could feel the warm blood seep from his body… “He screamed and cried. He was almost pleading in his tears for it to stop.

Then he lost sight of what was happening, just a big bright light and a soft feeling of warmth overflowed him. The ghostly girl had found enough bravery inside herself to throw herself over him. It was his last memory before the pain and the darkness crept in… He passed out.