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I hate this same thing happen last year Colts get so close and CHOKE TO HELL I swear they are the only team to score 500 points in a season but scored no touchdowns in a play off game what the HELL

Captain 151

Seeped in a dry Merlot
Personally, I don't feel as though you should discredit the Colts offense as much as you should credit the Patriots defence. Remember, coming in, almost every "analyst" said that the Patriots secondary would not be able to keep up. Due to injuries (Law, Poole, Seymour, etc) the Pat's defense was as vulnerable as it's ever been.

Well, it shows how much they know.

Besides, you can't knock Peyton for one underpar game when he'd destoryed every team during the regular season. Sure, maybe he hasn't got that "big game" under his belt yet, but he sure is dangerous out there at any time.


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hey atleast its not as bad when u live n philly and when we lost( ye good job Mcnabb lol) there was a lil riot......not as big n bad as b4 tho lol