WTF ... IS WTF!?
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Headlines choppers in my small town? wtf..

army helicopters in my small town? wtf..

today, i saw a bunch of army choppers land in the "who knows wtf it's called" regional airport in New Iberia, LA.

about a month and a half ago, i saw police, sheriffs, and all kinds of other law enforcements surrounding the outscurts of the "wtfever" regional airport, and then AF1 took off, and all the police left......?

what the hell is going on in my quiet little mountain town?

remember 9\11? i sure hope so.. but when the pres was hiding. well, AF1 touched down in new iberia, then touched in lafayette, then everyone found out he landed in Shreveport. (it was so funny, there were so many people at the wtfever regional airport when he was expected, and when the plane was coming, you saw it coming in for a landing, and it looked like it would've, but it passed right over the runway and the landing gear went back up. everyone was PISSED.)

anyway, is their any particular reason i'm not aware of as to why there are so many army choppers?


Soul Doubt
Even if you're two towns over, that one town only has one airport, or place for the helicopters to land... They're just making sure they have a LOT of helicopters for rescue :thumbsup: Does your town border New Orleans? That would explain the helicopters