Music Christian Metal / God Rock


Banned - What an Asshat!
i'm not so against chrstian rock.. maybe against their lyrics which some of them suck.. but th sound is calm.. sort of... anyway i listen especialy METALLICA, IRON MAIDEN, Guns'n'Roses, nirvana.... and some other non rock music that worth.
Satanist or nonsatanist music.. i don't give a shit.. some of them i like some i don't... so?? i'm not very religious ... if i reconsider i start to wander if i'm religious at all... cause i have nothing in common whit church.. last time i visited i was 2 years ago at Xmas.. so

a really nasty music is "Manele" .. I don't know if you know this kind of shit.. if th the name of "Adrian Copilul Minune" rings a bell that's the shit i'm talking! It's absolutely horible!


lexicon incognito
hm.. christian rock?

i live in california.

now, to the people yelling about how christians are wrong and blah blah blah, i believe that evolution happened as an accident, but there are many among the more faithful who believe evolution happened and it's what created man, but that the beginning and overall direction of life were guided processes.

i think that's a decent compromise. realize the bible was written by men, and designed to provide answers, morals, laws, and reasons for obeying; and see that if you are so sure god created the universe, think about the different ways of 'creating.' surely, saying "god got the ball rolling, and in the direction he wanted" might be a damn nice compromise.

~ dan ~