Christianity in the family, it gives me the creeps


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It seems like the most of my family members have absolutely gone mad, ever since i was a kid, they have been what the most of the people call "true believers" they go to church every sunday, etc etc....
Now i'll start whining...

My sister has become more and more of an psycho, she sleeps with 3 different crusifixes under her pillow, and one large cross on the wall, most of the nights could be like a scene of the exorcist, when she's sleeping she starts to talk about jesus, its like some kind of chatter, she mumles
"oh jesus, take it away, oh jesus, help it, yes, jesus, help help, jesus"

and by doing this, she wakes the rest of the family... my father says its the demons, my mother says its some demons bothering her, she says its demons, and that any christian should notice it if any christian would be in her bedroom when the "evil arrives" but this has happened that we all have shared the same room in the night, and nobody has seen anything "supernatural". Well the bottomline is, she is crazy. But nobody realises it exept me and my other sis, they all thing its because of her religion she has these *strange dreams* i get so mad...

And my father tries to make me christian all the time, it just makes me angry... arghhhhhhhhhhhH!!! :mad:


Pssh im a Christian but not a Strict Christain(christians that go to church pray to god yada yada yada). I can sure tell you it isent the devil if it was the devil she would be screaming and acting evil like the Excorcist. But thats not the case. Heres how to handel your problem.

1. tell your parents that there is no good or evil in the world because for the people that are evil cant say theyve never done something good and someone good cant say theyve done something bad.

2. Just tell your father your going to be a christian but not a strict one(like i said). Which means you just believe in god thats it you dont think you should go to church and junk.

I hope i helped you out.


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Hypertron said:
...blah, catholics are freaky to begin with...

yes back in the 1300 hundreds and 1400 hundreds they were even freakier u should get a book and read about that shit really really wierd

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eh, religion isnt really worth the hassle anyway. You can practice your faith in a much more non-cult like setting if you need to.


I hate most Christians with a passion my dumb parents forced me to a christian school and it wasted 8 years of my live and now i have no people skills u should tell ur parents to fuck off ur not that religion and don't want to be


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this is kind of sick, actually. There is a difference between being christian and being insane. Your sister needs therapy. Or an exorcism.


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That's messed up. I'm a Christian (NOT a Catholic... the whole Catholic church is just too screwed up for my liking..). Probably not the best Christian, but I still am one. I wouldn't take it to THAT extreme though...