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Cingular to launch 3G UMTS services on November 1st


Universal Mobile Telecommunications System (UMTS)

Cingular is the first carrier in North America to offer Universal Mobile Telecommunications System (UMTS). UMTS is a worldwide standard for wide-area wireless data communication based on Global Systems for Mobile communications (GSM). UMTS provides broadband mobile access to business systems and applications that can help improve mobile workers' productivity. UMTS will launch on November 1, 2005 I the following markets:

Market Designation Region Market Cluster
Austin, TX Central South Texas
Chicago, IL Central IL/WI
Dallas, TX Central North Texas
Detroit, MI Central Mich/IN
Houston, TX Central South Texas
Baltimore, MD Northeast DC/MD
Boston, MA Northeast MA/RI/VT/NH/ME/CT/DC/MD
Washington, DC Northeast DC/MD
Atlanta, GA Southeast Georgia
Las Vegas, NV West San Diego/Las Vegas
Phoenix, AZ West AZ/NM
Portland, OR West Seattle/Oregon/Idaho
Salt Lake City, UT West CO/UT/WY/MT
San Diego, CA West San Diego/Las Vegas
San Francisco, CA West San Francisco
San Jose, CA West San Francisco
Seattle, WA West Seattle/Oregon/Idaho
Tacoma, WA West Seattle/Oregon/Idaho

UMTS provides broadband, mobile data access to business systems and applications on laptop PC's. UMTS service is available in the greater metropolitan areas of Dallas, Detroit, Phoenix, San Diego, the San Francisco Bay Area and Seattle.

UMTS is like a giant metro-area hotspot. Combining high speed throughput with low latency, UMTS delivers wireless wide area data access to a broad range of business applications. With average download data speeds of 220-320 kbps, mobile workers can access e-mail with large attachments, web-based and client/server enterprise applications, corporate networks, intranets, streaming video and the Internet - anywhere in the UMTS metro coverage area.

In December '04, Cingular announced plans to build a national broadband data network based on UMTS with HSDPA. HSDPA will provide average download speeds of 400-700 kbps. Cingular plans to launch 15-20 UMTS/HSDPA markets by 4Q05 and most major markets in 2006.

In the mean time, EDGE - the fastest national wireless data network - is available today in over 13,000 cities and along more than 39,000 miles of highway across the United States. EDGE is the best WWAN solution for most CW customers.
I can't wait until this launches here. Finally, rich data, video and voice transmissions on a mobile device. Hopefully this will also bridge the gap between mobile and home internet connectivity; pay one bill for broadband access, at home or mobile.

More information on UMTS, and other 3G technologies:

there's NOTHING for louisiana.. yet they send us e-mails about the new razr that motorola is getting approved for 3G.. and we won't even be able to sell it!

i'm curious to know where that guy mtsz52784 got the link to that information.. they don't even give us that. - this phone will $ell.. i just hope they don't start it out at $600 like the first V3 did (and that was with a 2 yr.. the "value" was $750.00 in the first month.)

anyone else know of cool 3G phones coming for the US?