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Civ IV

i downloaded it last week to try it out. i had to pull some tricks out of my ass to crack the damn thing but it was worth it. It's really a good addition to a work of art. I recommend it to anyone.

one thing. don't let the previous games fool you. you need a NINJA computer to play this thing. its choppy at medium and i have a 2.8P4, 1 gig ram, radeon 9800 pro.


Highly Excitable
I haven't played any of the others. Found the reviews on this one and went and looked at. Got interested.

I don't have any Pentium machines here. The Athlon 64 shouldn't have any problems....Better NOT have any porblems with it. Wonder the Athlon 3000+ Xp machine will handle it.

We play MP through the LAN.


WTF's Official Conspiracy Fanatic
The minimum specs were way below what's listed above. I hope my machine will take it, as I have put in on layaway for X-Mas. I play Dawn of War: winter Assault with all the bells and whistles on, and it's nice. I can't imagine Civ 4 being even more of a hog?