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Headlines Clear Channel to use Fox News / radio stations to syndicate Democracy Now!


Although it's not shocking news...
Clear Channel Communications Inc., the nation's largest radio station operator, has picked Fox News Radio to be the primary source of national news for most of its news and talk stations, officials announced Monday.
The five-year agreement initially covers more than 100 radio stations.

The five-year agreement initially covers more than 100 radio stations.

Fox will provide a five-minute top-of-the-hour newscast, a nightly news broadcast, and around-the-clock dedicated national news coverage. In return, Fox News Radio will have access to news produced by San Antonio-based Clear Channel's news network.

No terms of the deal were disclosed. But Fox, a unit of News Corp., says if all options in the agreement are exercised, its radio service could have more than 500 affiliates by the middle of next year.

"Working this closely with a premiere national news provider for the majority of our news/talk stations makes overwhelming sense," said John Hogan, chief executive officer of Clear Channel Radio. "Because of the breadth of this relationship, our local news directors will get a more customized and higher quality national news product - and that's great for listeners."

"This deal positions Fox News to become a significant player in the radio industry and is another example of our commitment to the medium," said Roger Ailes, Fox News chairman and CEO.

Clear Channel, which operates 1,200 stations, has been getting its national news feeds from a variety of providers.

Shares in Clear Channel, slipped 8 cents, or 0.2 percent, to $33.07 in midday trading Monday on the New York Stock Exchange - toward the low end of their 52-week trading range of $29.96 to $47.76.

Shares of News Corp. rose 1 cent, or 0.1 percent, to $18.18 on the NYSE. The stock has traded between $17.16 and $39.74 in the past 52 weeks.
So now radio stations across America will be syndication the "fair & balanced" rhetoric of Faux news. :rolleyes: I'm happy that I never listen to the radio.


The Iron Lung
Its only the internet now.....i dont think theres anyway they can control the flow of information on this medium...but i'm sure they said the samething about TV.


Kiss my Converse
Clear Channel is run by communists. Of course I can't prove that. :p

I am seriously thinking of subscribing to XM satellite radio when I get home.


Hella Constipated
Get Sirius...Howard is jumping on board.

Wow...the independant press really is gone, is it not? We are now witnessing the decline of an empire. Hello, China!


aslidsiksoraksi said:
Look At The Mooon So Pretty At The Middle Of The Sun So Happy I Like To Eat Pelicans With Fleas
The profound nature of your statement amazes me.


Resident Conservative
Fox is the only news channel that gives the right wing wackos as much time as the leftist wackos on each topic... they actually allow both sides to make thier case and let you decide...
from years of watching CNN and network news... we have come to find them as straight down the middle and not skewed to the left in thier coverage... so people watch fox.. and they think it is ultra right wing... when it is just thier starting "center" is off to the left...