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The Original Fuck You Bomb
Logged in after my daily covid screening, to find a new moniker under my forum name,

ClitPickle, now that there, is damn funny and i was drinking something when i saw it,
not funny, had to clean my keyboard..

I had to look that up,

Clit Pickle
The term used to describe a very sour tasting, unpleasurable experience had by a person entering the genital area of an 'unwashed' woman. Usually after days or weeks of neglect the clitoris begins to become sour and tart tasting to the human tongue. Any attempt to place this object in one's mouth usually end up in a state of YUKKK!

After 2 hours of sweet talking, Rodney needed to orally satisfy Marcie before getting his carrot wet. So, without prior viewing, he went straight downtown, only to find out she had a ghastly clit pickle waiting for him. By then it was too late


Social Distancing Warrior

Lovely and deadly Clitpickle

HuGE Clitpickle

Social Distancing Clitpickle