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Headlines Cloning - immoral or the future of medicine?


There has been a lot of recent news and recent tests being performed on cloning, namely Dolly The Sheep (who died 14th Feb 2003 of progressive lung disease, which some people believe was enduced by the fact she was cloned)

On one hand we have people who will say that cloning is immoral (usually Religiously connected people).

On the other hand we have scientists who believe cloning is the way forward in our society, by cloning hearts, lungs, kidneys and soforth.

Personally, I think cloning (when perfected) will ensure that we do not have disease in our world - heart disease, lung disease, etc..etc.. Although, I don't want to see scientists creating clones for the use in the Army or such.


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I personally have no problem with the cloning of individual organs to save someone's life. However, cloning an entire human being just to harvest their organs is morally and ethically wrong. We don't do that right now, do we? It would be an atrocity to "breed" humans for the purpose of organ donation/harvesting. A clone would still be a human life, regardless of its intended purpose. When slavery existed in America, slaves were born to work the fields all day. That doesn't mean that it was right, just because that was society's intended purpose for those people at the time.


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Yeah your right we don't "copy" an entire human at the moment - and I don't think scientists have learned how to sustain a humans life without the use of machines - maybe i'm wrong on that but I don't remember seeing anything about it.

I think the definition of "human life" wouldn't apply because I think that a human is only alive if they can use their senses and where their brain controls their nerve endings.

If it got to the stage where a person would be grown, including brain development, then that would be wrong. If the organs were cloned "externally" - such as without an actual body then yes I am supportive of that.


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I think the idea is immoral in some ways, but I also think it's inevitable at this point. I think though that when they can change the genetic structure of a living human using a retro-virus, cloning will become obsolete. So will most of the non-altered population.


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Cloning cannot be used as proof of the nonexistence of a God...

I think that cloning of specific organs is no more immoral than half of the medical procedures that are common place today... they still have a long way to go to clone an organ that will function properly/not get rejected/work for a respectable length of time..

the cloning of people to harvest organs from.. as stated above ... is unethical and wrong...


My belief about cloning humans stands as thus: If a human clone is born and it has a soul, God must be okay with it, therefore I have no problem with it. If God does not approve the clone would not have soul.

As for cloning organs, I say keep doing it. Our system of organ donation has its faults, and if they have all these cloned organs they can use then it solves the problem.



well, just like anything else, it has has to be looked at from two angles. One being good the other being bad. Now theres a lil thing called natrual selection ,that im most positive that every 1 reading this post has had some light shed on, that says the weak die and the strong survive. If we were to take all the disease and sickness out of our "civilization" then the world becomes over populated. As most of you have probabaly head, that the residents of China are permited to one child( if im wrong correct me), now they have a grand idea. Also consider global warming. Our land percentage is slowly depleting due to the melting of the ice caps. In theroy, many islands will be covered with sheets of water. With less disease, less land, and more water we'll be practicly shiting on eachother. Beings that mars is the only planet thought to be able to support life, we'll have absolutely no where else to go. Ne ways thats my perspective on this subject. :)


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