Headlines Cocaine bush blows my ass

John Howle

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cocaine bush sucks

Ok, first of all i hate him. For crying outloud he has a IQ of 91...
Anyway him and Arnold Schwarzenfucker are messing up public schools.

I go to a public alternative schooling (kids having trouble in school for any reason, and need Independent studies) Well Looks like i cant do that next year because of these assholes want me to come everyday...My friend is dropping out now because he cant come to school 5 days a week..his mother died his fathers in jail he lives with his sick grandmother and he has to work a full time job.. but now my school is going to blow because thats the reason why i left normal school to come to this..its the same thing just a different location, i change my mind its going to be alot different because we are going to have to wear name tags and whoever doesnt have one is going to be "arrested by a proctor."

But, they say "we need to make all schools private, because they kids there learn better" my comment to that is, bull fucking shit. The kids arent better its the parents... the parents make sure the kids do the homework because its costing them money.

So by 2014 all public schools are going to get fucked over by these two assholes.

Anyway my school is about a good 6 miles away... and i dont know about you but thats hella far to walk to for 5 days a week..and my principal is all christian to the max (no offense intended) but he just threw away all of the anthropology books, and everything to do about evolution... and we can teach about mythology but ive noticed christianity is not in those books... I mean they can have the students prents sign a permision slip to learn about it just like sexual education... but no.

Im just really pissed at my school right now and this might be in the wrong section and it might not really make sense , but i want to move to canada.


Yeah, Bush does suck. Sorry you're going through that shit. If you can change the title of this thread, though, I'd recommend it. The one you have now just doesn't sound right.