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College far anyway


Ok, I moved in yesterday. My dorm is nice and big cuz I got the superdouble room. But my roomate isn't here. She went home for the weekend. So I'm here all alone.

It was 80 + degrees out with 70% humidity. It was nasty and no ammount of deoderant was doing it's job. So I took like 3 showers in the communal bathrooms which aren't as nice as any of the ones that I've seen here before.

I spent all day putting things away and trying to figure out where to put them. I didn't get done until about 7 pm. So I go down to get supper at the dining hall and it's closed. They serve supper from 4-7pm.

So my bf and I decide to go to Wal-Mart cuz he needs a new cord for something and I need a garbage can. (My roomate said she had one, but if she does she forgot to bring it.) We get horribly lost in the city and decide we're both starving and go to Subway.

The prices at this subway are about a dollar more than at the ones around my house. So that sucks. And it's freezing in there and my bf insists on eating inside cuz he doesn't want to get food all over his truck. (That's understandable since he doesn't have a way to vaccume it out.)

We ask for directions to Wal-Mart and head out after eating. We finally get there and we can't find the cord that my bf wants. The box is there, but it's empty. So we spend a half hour compairing the other cords. I couldn't find a smaller garbage can, so now I have a huge one. (Normal size, but it's way bigger than I need.) Then I forget to grab garbage bags. It was almost 10 though, so we went back.

I couldn't sleep because even though quiet hours start at 10pm, nobody was being quiet. People were running up and down the halls screaming bloody murder. And to top it off as soon as I did drift into a somewhat sleep there was a pounding on my door. It was a group of guys looking for a Jenny someone. Then they stuck their head in my dorm and were like, whoa, u suck. You have a huge dorm. (Yeah, and I'm paying extra for it too dumbass.)

So I finally fall asleep and I have horrible dreams. (Like the puppy we just got with her head cut off. Oddly she was still walking though.) Then I wake up at about 6:15 to a massive thunder storm that's still dropping tons of rain. We need the rain, but it's going to make finding my classes a little more uncomfortable.

And, none of the dining hours are actually posted anywhere. So I went down for breakfast since I can see the dining hall from my room and the lights were on. But the door was locked.

I just wanna go back home where things are easy and I don't have to wear flip flops just to take a shower. :cry:


Hella Constipated
And that's one of the many reasons I'm not going to college :happysad:.

By the way - Maggie, if everyone else wears flip flops in the shower, you should be safe. If everyone wears them but you there's no fungus among us.


Shame to hear about a bad start to your college experience. I absolutely loved each and every minute of my time at college living on campus.


Descent said:
And that's one of the many reasons I'm not going to college :happysad:.

By the way - Maggie, if everyone else wears flip flops in the shower, you should be safe. If everyone wears them but you there's no fungus among us.
Horrible advice. I'd wear flip flops even if no one else did. You've got nasty people walking through nasty shit in the hall, and draggin it into the showers and everywhere else. Dorms are nasty, even if they are clean, they're still nasty. Albeit, they are a great place to meet friends and it makes it easier to find study partners. ACTUAL study partners. Not the proverbial study partners.


To add to the problems, we went back to Wal-Mart cuz my printer didn't have the cord to hook it to the computer and we ended up getting the wrong cord. So I have to return it. But my bf had an extra of the right cord. Then I was trying to load the disk so the printer would work and I can't finish doing it cuz there isn't any ink. So now I have to spend yet another $30 + buying ink so I can just print stuff. Hopefully though once I get a decent night's sleep things will go better.


Im sure everything will get better once youve settles in and campus life seems 'normal'. You want be struggling to know about times, or where things are, etc... you'll know everything you need to know!

Good luck and i hope things start to improve soon :) You'll be fine :)