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Coming back from paintball...


Banned - What an Asshat!
This didn't happen to me, thank God. But I just got back from a little paintball trip with some buddies of mine.

Anyways, the senario was, we have to protect this barrel from being knocked over, and me and a friend were behind a wall when my friend took off his mask (BIG NO-NO) because it got foggy...I said put the fucking mask back on you might get shot in the face, of course he didn't listen and about 2 seconds later. PELT PELT PELT whap! -thump- I look over to see my friend squirming on the ground with blood all over his face, I yelled to the referee to stop the game and everyone rushed over. My friend is now in the hospital with critical head injuries. :confuse:



Owned! But didn't the cumsponges who shot him see his mask was off and such? I think they aimed for his head on purpose. And that, deserves a hopper full of frozen paintballs to an uncovered taint and 1,000 lashes with a wet noodle.


Oppressing your posts...
I Hate The FCC said:

I would've shot the dumb bastard in the face ten more times for taking his mask off, stupid motherfucker deserved what he got.
nah... might kill him. He wouldnt learn nuffin... in the balls!!!!
shit ... I hope it was just his nose or something and not his eye ... if he took a paintball to the eye blindness would ensue ... good luck to him


Shhh, Im hiding
Being who I'am I would of probably gone to the bloke who shot him, ripped his mask off and emptied my entire paintball stock in his face and groin but it isn't hard to see if someone is wearing a mask or not. So they must've done it on purpose the little fuckers. I was close to being hit in the face once, I was hiding behind a pallette (wooden not paint one :p) and I felt a couple of paintball whizz past me then I felt one hit the top of my head and I had a nice yellow and blue streak down the top on my head, fucking hurt as well. lol

Brain Spout

Wizard No More
damn, my firend got hit in the face with a mask on once. he got hit at a weird angle on the chest and the paintball bounced up under his mask and into his mouth where it broke. it was the freakiest thing