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  1. Follow all other rules for
  2. Try Google first. Asking a question where the answer is the first result on Google is a waste of your time and ours. I will probably close these threads.
  3. Use the search feature! It's completely useless to post duplicate threads.
  4. Use descriptive thread titles. "HELP ME!!" is a shitty thread title, so is "My computer is broken!" or "Wow". Good thread titles should give people an idea of what your thread is about and whether they'd be interested in the topic or would be able to help you.
  5. When posting about a problem, include your system specs and software/operating system versions.
  6. Don't mention whether any of your software is illegally acquired. It is assumed all software you are using is licensed. We all know this is the internet and people can pirate stuff, but it's irrelevant to any discussion.
  7. Warez Talk is NOT ALLOWED. This means replies like "You Can Find it in X" are not welcome. This also means threads like "omg i need a winxp cdkey plz kthx" are likely to be locked/deleted at a minimum, and likely get you banned. Don't post links to, or request, warez, cracks, torrent sites, keygens or illegal patchers.
  8. Keep your replies relevant. If someone wants a free, or open source, application with a given functionality, don't tell them the name of the commercial application. I'm sure they already know it. For example, don't reply with "Photoshop" when you could give them "The Gimp," which is free. (The GIMP = the GNU image manipulation program)
  9. This is not the place for baseless rants. Be prepared to be called ignorant and have your thread closed if you can not substantiate your claims.
  10. Don't be a fucking idiot!

Further word on piracy...

If you mention piracy in any form your thread or post will be locked, deleted or moved to The Wastelands. Allowing discussion of piracy would put at legal risk, please understand that there is a good reason for this policy.

I'm sure every question or comment you may have can be made without the need to mention that software is pirated, or will be pirated. This is the internet and we all know people can do things like that, just keep it to yourself.


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