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Concert Beating

el crotcho

Cooler than sliced cheese
Last night I was at the goldfinger concert here in St. Louis, and the show first of all fuckin rocked. second, suprisingly i have never taken that much of a beating at concert before. the best injury of the whole thing isnt my own my girlfriend got an elbow to the eye and now has a black eye, i laughed.


Banned - What an Asshat!
This remind me of a rock concert I went about 6 months ago. I was in the middle of a pit and I saw this girl standing out side of it screaming. She must have been about 4'9 or so and about 100 lbs. I grabbed the poor girl and pulled her in. She was there trying to get out and couldn't. Finally I pushed her out and bought her a beer. We went out for a few weeks after that. :thumbsup: Rock concerts rock!


Martha Fuckin' Stewart
I was crowdsurfing one time at the highly publisized event here, and some fuck-ass decided it would be funny to reach up and give me a ball tap. I quickly gave him four foot-taps to the face and rolled forward (I ended up seeing the fuck after the show, he was some dumb jock who now had a bloody nose thanks to my foot!). :thumbsup:


Click click boom
dude, thats extreme since me and elburko went to warped tour this past summer and he got dropped flat on his back onto SOLID CONCRETE trying to crowdsurf during a day of a heat index of 111! got ballz dude, thats 4 sure. then another time that little nazi fucker at the nintendo fusion tour who thought moshing is spinning around real fast while flailing his fists randomly. that little bitch got his :) :thumbsup: