Confusion of Demons and Angels


Angel of Death
Flames radically rising
as they are scattered and shattered
all over with dreams of nightmare visions.
Now raging, pale smell of burning flesh
taunting and teasing you
erupting into the deepest hollow
of your chest, you dare not breathe this air,
swirling around you,
haunting you and whispering to you.
That midnight call of hopelessness, the tingle
of numbing defeat...of deathful deed
now toiled with on the tip of a demon's tongue,
so silver and pure, sharp and ever so gentle at first
with a simple twist and a tiny slice...
the dripping... of blacken blue blood. Morbid drops.
Soon turned red with the slightest thought of this cruel air.
A mess of tears never cried
now flowing released by the demons
in utter confusion, demons or angels?
or is there a different of which one grants this life or death?
Both with their strong wings, black or white
a halo or horns, both golden in color
pure eyes of simple color or the youthful blood red
the same as everything else in a world of gray.
Now this farewell.... the last kiss upon life
of suicidal lips.... deep desires.... questions of why
no note, no reason at all.


Banned - What an Asshat!
I like 2! would say why but i have to get dinner.
but i really like it! its very original. you should lookinto writin for wizards of the coast magazine.

*kills typo demon*