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CONGRADULATIONS!!!! Team Protoze paintball players

Today i participated in what is going to be a profession paintball team called Protoze (i dont know if thats the correct spelling) and i made the team. It is freakin sweet, we are going to go to bunkerfest. Our sponsors are LBK ROUGHNECKS, AND WDP (the makers of angel). Our whole team is gunna be rocking 05 SPEEDS and WDP jerseys, pants, and gloves. If you happen to be going to bunkerfest, my jersey will have "FLASH" as my name on the back and 66 is my #, My back mans # is 20sumthing and his name on the back is "FAT". Seriously freaking sweet


4 '04 for Life!
Yeah, paintball is pretty fucking sweet. I got into it for a while just for fun and stuff, but I haven't played in quite some time. I need to start it up again, cause paintball is the shit. only problem is it costs money, and i might be able to scrounge up the dough, but very few of my friends can and/or would be willing to part with the money if they had it.


Click click boom
never got into it. the farthest i got was the paintball cheat for goldeneye. that was fun though. so im guessing it's pretty tight in real life.
yeah its fun as hell. All you have to do is play greg hastings' paintball game for a while, then go out and practice with a rental gun for a couple times and try out for a team. If you make it you'll get to get a gun for a very very lower cost or maybe even for free depending on the sponsorship.