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Headlines Conspiracy Theory Time


So we should all move to Arizona right? I mean they arent gonna terrorize their biggest point of entry??! :) :thumbsup:


Banned - What an Asshat!
G-string said:
So we should all move to Arizona right? I mean they arent gonna terrorize their biggest point of entry??! :) :thumbsup:
Fuck that its god damn hot in az. Im just going to sit here and when they come for me and mine Kill evey single motherfucker I can before I die. I figure as long as they leave me alone I will leave them alone. Our ocuntry is not a scure territory, we are not a gestapo regime, nor a dictatorship. mabye OTM's are coming in becuase they are trying to keep from being scrutinized and branded under our new and great immigration laws. Arabs might not be irish, but they are still immigrants and should be allowed the same considerations that our families were given when they came over, unless you are a pure blood Indian, that is.

I do not believe this is a conspiracy, I believe it is utter propaganda.

I do however, believe that the guy off of cocoa puffs cereal is an evil leprichaun.


Member smoked too much weed!
Unforgiven said:
CANADA will help you. whee.

*starts gathering canada's 20 or so troops together.*
Twenty Canadians; cool we can whittle a canoe now. ;P

Get to work ay~


Resident Conservative
it is true that our borders are very porous... and an open border can lead to trouble...


voiceofreason said:
And don't forget the Mounties with those cute little hats...
OMFG - [reminisce about old times]I got in shitloads of trouble during a joint excersize with the Canadian Army. The unit we were training with was something like the 273rd Royal Princess Margaret Artillery Regiment. They're uniforms were "funny" looking, too. A group of them went marching by and I made some comment along the lines of, "aww isn't it cute. The Queen let's them play army. I wonder when they'll get big-boy guns." Apparantly it didn't go over well with their commanding officer - who happened to be standing directly behind me. It's like c'mon Sir - don't take it out on me.. you're desire to belong to a real fighting force. Oh well.. many moons and bottles of jack ago...

[/reminisce about old times]

ahh good times..