Content - Unknown


Voorhees a jolly good fellow!
Face the wind,
Let it snap at your cheeks,
Let the salt from the sea sting
your eyes,
Make you squint and press tears
From the corners of your eyes.
Breathe the moist air deeply,
Then sigh.
Let it fill your nostrils and throat,
And cling to your skin, clammy,
Like you can't wash it off.
Play with the shapes of the
clouds passing by.
Imagine a turtle, a seagull, a
conch shell.
Pull the blanket tight around you
and shiver,
Just a little. Feel the wool scratch.
Draw patterns in the sand with
your toes.
Let it sift through your toes and
tickle them,
Then stomp.
Stare at the waves rhythmically
Then crawling up the beach,
The white foam nearing your feet,
Mesmerized by the flow, stay,
One more wave,
It won't reach you.