Continuation story!


Banned - What an Asshat!
Prety basic idea... I'll start and than the next person adds on. No rules here! Spelling dont matter.

"People don't usually wake up and realized that they have wings... why this is, I can't imagine? Anyhow, in direct contrast with intuition, Frediland Maxidorius a former resident of Yugoslavia who had immigrated to Costa Rica in the 80's, did. On a normal day Maxidorius would pump some black coffee into his stomach before snatching up his streamline vintage style surfboard and hitting the waves, but today was, for obvious reasons a little different. He now had wings; not feathery ones, but kind of weird bat like deals that were folded up like origami behind his back..."


Way too hyper...
"his first thought was to see exactly what he could do with his new wings. He stepped out of his beachfront house, and stood on, looking over the ocean. His head started to fill full of wonderful ideas of flight, going from break to break without having to pay for gas or bus tickets. As he wondered about all the new, glorious possibilities that were afforded him by his new additions, something in the water caught his eye..."