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Cousin IT


Eyeless Pilot
A long-lost cousin of mine, who I was reunited with recently, was forced into unfortunate circumstances and I allowed he and his woman to live in my apartment just after I got married.
It turned out to be the biggest mistake EVER. While his girl was a very nice, down-to-earth type, he was a moron and chronic liar, and it only got worse. He dumped the awesome girl for a fatter, uglier, dumber, annoying slut. He then dumped HER (2 days later) for some girl he barely knew who had a crush on him, and only because she had tits.
He infected my apartment with LICE. TWICE. It cost me hella money to get rid of the problem.
My wife and I finally laid the smack down on the loser, and told him in no uncertain terms to pack his shit and go back to his mom's lice-infested whorehouse.
Of course, we were so broke after his bullshit that we were forced to go hungry for a few days until the next paycheck. Needless to say, I will never allow this to happen again.